About the Mannual  
           Allotment of Register No./ Registration  
                  1. Permanent Register No: /First Registration  
                  2. Registration for Each Examination
                  3  False Registrations  
          Fee Structure  
         Cancellation of Candidature  (Year System &Semester System)  
          Internal Assessment Marks  

                  1. Award of Internal Assessment Marks (Rev.2006 & Rev.2003 Schemes)

                  2. Forwarding of Internal Assessment Marks-Guide lines

                  3. Rectification of defects

          Improvement of Examination  
                    1. Year System
                  2. Semester System
             Betterment/Re-appearance (for Final Year/Semester)  
                     1. Year System
                   2. Semester System
             Rules for carry over of marks  
                     1. Revision 2003
                   2. Revision 2006
            Concession to Physically Handicapped  
                     1. Extra Time to Physically Handicapped  
                     2. Grace Mark to Deaf & Dumb  
                     3. Concessions to Blind and in firm  
                                            (a). Sanction from Government  
                                            (b). Approval of the Scribe  
                                            ( c). Service of Interpreter/Teacher  
             Grace Mark  
                     1. Winners of Arts Festival  
                     2. Winners of Games & Athletes.  
                     3. Additional Grace Mark for Champions  
                     4. Meritorious N C C Cadets  

Minimum marks for a Pass & Classification of Successful candidates

                    1. Rev. 2003 Scheme  
                    2. Rev. 2006 Scheme  
             Award of Rank and Issue of Rank Certificate  
             Correction in Name & Initials in Mark lists/Certificates  
            Results Withheld  
            Irregular Appearance  
            Consolidated Mark list  
                         1. Rev 2003 (Year System)  
                         2.  Rev.2006 (Semester System)  
            Attestation & Verification of Mark lists/Certificates  
           Correction in Marks of Practical Examinations  
            Issue of Duplicate Diploma Mark list  
            Issue of Duplicate Diploma Certificate  
            Issue of Migration Certificate for Higher studies  
            Issue of Provisional Mark list & Diploma Certificate  
            Issue of Confidential Mark list for Higher studies  
            Correction in Internal Marks  
            Remuneration for Examination Duties  
             TA/DA and Remuneration of Dy. Chief and External Examiner  
            Piecemeal Appearance - Failed Subjects  
            Discontinuance and Re-admission to a New Scheme  
            Change of Centre of Examination  
            Discontinued Examination/Non- Existing Schemes  
            Conduct of Practical Examination  
                     1.   Guide Lines to Chief Superintendent
                   2.   Guide Lines to Examiners
                   3.   Standard Break-up for Evaluation
            Affiliation fee (for Self Financing Institutions)  
            Computer Word Processing Examination for DCP Students  
            Application for Condonation of Shortage of Attendance  
            Application for Re-admission  
            Conduct of Theory Exams  
                         1. Guide lines to Chief Superintendent. & Deputy Chief
                       2. Directions to Assistant Superintendents
           Institution Transfer  
          Postponing of Examination  
         Coincidence of Revaluation & Supplementary result  
         Negligence/Violation of Examination Duty/Procedure  
         Valuation of Answer Scripts-Conduct of Camps  

                  1. Supervision & Control of Valuation Camp

                  2. Guide lines to Camp Officers & Chief Examiners

                  3. Directions to Assistant Examiners

          Moderation of Marks  
          Maximum Duration to Procure Diploma  
          Rules for promotion to Higher Semesters  

         M P E C Diploma Examinations

         .P G D C A Examinations

          K G C Engineering Examinations

          G C I Examinations

          Diploma in Hotel management & Catering Technology

          KGTE (TEN) Examinations

           KGCE in Foodcraft Examinations

           Courses conducted by KSAVRC

           Fire & Safety - Diploma Course

           Fire & Safety - One Year Diploma Course

           Craft Group Courses

           Textile Certificate Course

           Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Course

           Still Photography Course

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